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Our Approach

Empowering students with comprehensive mentorship and financial assistance to overcome obstacles and thrive in college and beyond.

Simple. Easy.

While many individuals dream of obtaining higher education, life can sometimes get in the way. At Advance Forward Foundation, we offer more than just financial assistance. We provide a comprehensive, individualized mentorship program to help students navigate academic challenges, increase financial literacy, and guide them through life's big decisions.

College can be a beautiful experience that lays the foundation for a great future, but without guidance, students can find themselves stuck and unsure of how to get back on track. Our primary goal is to equip our students to take advantage of the opportunities college has to offer and become successful in their post-college years.


Applicants need to meet all scholarship requirements before applying. 


Submit the scholarship application via the website by Friday, December 1, 2023.


Participants will receive an email notifying them of the award outcome by January 31st, 2024.

advance forward

Collaborate with your mentor and financial advisor to develop a personalized plan for your college, career, and financial journey.

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